“This was one of the most practical yet insightful courses I have been through; I immediately put the tools into practice!” 
Darcy Tabor
Success Advisor
Lanyon Solutions

Selling Online with ExcellenceTM


Selling Online with Excellence is designed to enhance each participant’s ability to influence others by facilitating meaningful conversations, surfacing issues, creating dialogue and solving problems through collaboration and cooperation online. The individuals who possess these skills will have a significant competitive advantage in the marketplace for years to come.



Course Length:  One-Day

Capacity: Up to 20 participants



  • Online Effectiveness: Understand the key differences between in-person and online sales skills. We will examine the role of technology, time management, visuals, and interactive learning, all while mitigating distractions.

  • Online Persuasion Skills: Structure ideas in a logical, concise format while using relevant facts, figures, visuals, examples and stories to drive home a compelling message. Clarity is key online!

  • Online Facilitation Skills: Develop the core competencies necessary to lead high-level discussions online: listening, probing, surfacing issues, clarifying for understanding, and forging agreements.

  • Online Performance Skills: Demonstrate good performance skills on a virtual platform: clear voice, solid eye contact, expressive gestures, and good posture.

  • Online Content Organization & Development:  Quickly and easily develop a customized pitch that is designed to address your audience’s most pressing needs and concerns. The key to success online is BREVITY!!.