Presentations that Deliver®
Chicago, IL
December 12-13 2023


Presentations that Deliver® is a practical workshop designed to enhance each participant’s ability to conceptualize, construct and deliver persuasive presentations. You will learn how to deliver an engaging and professional presentation, one that ensures you express yourself with clarity, candor and credibility. To that end, this course is highly interactive, fast-paced, and challenging – it will require your 100% focus and participation.

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  • Persuasion Skills: Structure ideas in a logical and concise format while using relevant facts, figures, visuals, examples and stories to drive home a compelling message.
  • Performance Skills: Demonstrate good presentation mechanics: voice, eye contact, gestures, energy, stance and movement.
  • Content Organization & Development: Quickly and easily develop a customized presentation that is designed to address your audience’s most pressing needs and concerns.
  • Audience Engagement: Use various interactive methods to stimulate your audience’s curiosity and participation.
  • Slide Design: Quickly and easily create attractive / easy to understand slides that flow from one idea to the next.



This topic is especially relevant and practical for professionals who want to stretch themselves, get out of their comfort zone and differentiate themselves by becoming truly excellent speakers.


Michael Foley is the founder and CEO of Clarity Central, a consulting firm specializing in communications skills. He is also a Clinical Assistant Professor at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. His ability to connect with an audience by sharing insights and humorous stories has been at the core of his success as a corporate trainer and speaker. Prior to Clarity Central, Michael excelled in business development for General Electric. Michael holds a BS in Engineering, an MA in Human Development and an MBA. In 2014, he was recognized by the National Speakers Association as a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), the highest international recognition for professional speakers.

Mike Foley