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December 12-13, 2023 Chicago, IL
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Presenting With Precision

Your ability to present your ideas in a clear, concise, and compelling manner will have a direct impact on your professional success. At Clarity Central®, we are passionate about providing state-of-the-art courses that will help you to express the very best version of you! To accomplish this in a short period of time, we have a precise training method that is both experientially demanding and academically rigorous. As a result, for the past 24 years it’s become routine for us to hear: “This was the best training I have ever attended!”

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Our Services

Presentation Skills Training

Presentation Skills

We are committed to helping each and every participant to fully express themselves with confidence and clarity. This doesn’t happen by accident, but through a very specific process that we’ve honed with over 16,000 attendees over the past two decades.


Communications Skills Training

Communication Skills

How we articulate our ideas in everyday professional situations is the key to achieving our goals. To that end, we’ve designed three courses that address extemporaneous speaking, collaborating and negotiating; each of which is powerful and immediately applicable!


Executive Presentations Skills Coaching

Executive Presentation Skills Coaching

These coaching sessions are a once-in-a-career opportunity to take your executive speaking skills to their highest level. We realize how busy our executive clients are and we don’t waste a moment in providing an intense one-to-one academic experience that will make a truly lasting impact.


Client Success

Client Successes Logos

Our clients say it best…

ford motor company
"Wonderful!! Top vote getter for best segment of the day. Nicely done!”
Mary Anderson
Director of Human Resources
Ford Motor Company
Wells Fargo
“Most worthwhile sessions I can recall in my 20+ years!!!”
Leif B. Nygaard
Vice President
Wells Fargo
US Navy
"Presentations that Deliver® was wonderful! I HIGHLY recommend this class!”
Rosalyn Remulla
Training Director
U.S. Navy
“Presentations that Deliver was an action-packed experience unlike anything I have ever done before.”
Stephen Lundberg
Chemist R,D&E
General Electric
“I’ve got 21 years of experience, best session I’ve ever taken.”
Tom Jones
Director of Service
General Electric
“This was one of the most practical yet insightful courses I have been through; I immediately put the tools into practice!”
Darcy Tabor
Success Advisor
Lanyon Solutions
“Speaking on the Spot totally hit the mark and gave my sales team the skills necessary to communicate our services with confidence, passion and integrity!” 
Kathy Mayerhofer
Director of Sales
Proto Labs
“Clarity Central continues to evolve and adapt to deliver flawless workshops tailored for my team; they are a true partner in every sense of the word.”
Mark J. Ourada
Group Vice President
Hormel Foods Corporation
Imation corporation
“I have seen an increase in confidence and clarity in our presenters and more engaged audiences as a result of the coaching sessions with Clarity Central.”
Mark Lucas
Chief Executive Officer
Imation Corporation